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Do customers choose your brand over the competition?
Instant Win modules can fit virtually any type of package. <br />
We can even help create one for you.

Since 1992 our proven, patented "Instant Win!" innovations have been capturing more customers' attention while creating Double-digit Sales Increases for our clients.

Let us create a Promotion for you that will deliver high customer response and higher profits. Our "Instant Win!" innovations are available for almost any consumer product.

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  Talking Cans
Add the 'power of audio messages' to your promotion -- and watch profits soar. Our Talking Modules work in every package imaginable.

  Flash-N-Win Can
Try our New "light activated" Flashing Can that is randomly seeded inside your Beverage Cans to create Winning Promotional Packages.

  Cash / Prize - Cans
Promotions using Cash Cans have a history of dramatic sales increases. Cash or prize vouchers pop up from inside product containers.

  Flash-N-Win Cap
Try our New "light activated" Flash-N-Win Caps that are randomly seeded inside your Beverage Bottle Caps.